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The P G Wodehouse Society (UK)

Welcome to the website of The PG Wodehouse Society (UK). PG Wodehouse is widely regarded as the greatest comic author of the 20th century. Hilaire Belloc, no less, called him ‘the head of my profession’. This high respect from his peers, past and present, is principally for his supreme command of the English language.

Wodehouse wrote more than 70 novels and 200 short stories, creating numerous much-loved characters - the inimitable Jeeves and Wooster, Lord Emsworth and his beloved Empress of Blandings, Mr Mulliner, Ukridge, and Psmith. His humorous articles were published in more than 80 magazines, including Punch, over six decades.  Oh, and he was also a highly successful musical lyricist.

The Society celebrates the life and works of this multi-talented man in numerous ways, including a much praised quarterly journal, regular events, meetings and excursions, and close liaison with Random House, his publishers.

We hope you will find everything you need on the pages of this website, which includes:

● a membership application form (click here), should you wish to join this flourishing society of around a thousand members;

● up-to-date news of Society activities;

● answers to questions about Plum, his life, his books;

and much more.

Take your time, linger a while, and you may discover something completely unexpected. We hope you will visit us regularly, so till next time, in the words of Bertram Wooster Esq. – pip, pip.

What Ho!

For a message from our Society patron, HRH The Duke Of Kent, click here.

Our Website Editor is happy to receive your thoughts and feedback. To make contact please email websiteeditor@pgwodehousesociety.org.uk.

Dad Needs A Laugh

... and what better way to make him chuckle on Father's Day and every day thereafter than a gift subscription to the Society? (Click here for details.)


Click here for more information about a podcast on Hong Kong radio by one of our members, Patricia O’Sullivan, about Plum’s father Henry Edward Wodehouse.

Remembering our Remembrancer

Memories of Norman Murphy, from those who knew him (click here). And for an account of a Society evening of understandably mixed emotions on February 15th 2017 when friends and members met to exchange their fondest memories of our Founding Chairman, click here.

Words To Music

Very quickly off the mark after receiving the PGW archives, the British Library held an event on 28th January to celebrate his lyrical prowess. A discussion with Sir Edward Cazalet and "expert Wodehouseans" on his "life, lyricism and wit" was accompanied by live performances by Hal and Lara Cazalet. Click here for a report.


There were mixed emotions at the Society's AGM at the Savoy Tup on the 23rd November (click here).

The Dinner Scripts

An exciting new publication is now on sale. More details here.

Gift membership

Membership of the Society makes a present that cannot fail to bring a smile of gratitude from the recipient. Who do you love enough to give it? Details here.

Biennial Dinner 20 October

Christopher D Makey reports from Gray’s Inn (click here).

New anthology

Click here for more information.

Cheltenham Tree Dedication

Read Tony Ring’s report of this unique tribute to Percy Jeeves here.


Norman Murphy’s latest book, The P. G. Wodehouse Miscellany, is available in bookstores and online; eg. here. The Amazon review says: “... behind all the brilliant metaphors that make us laugh out loud, there is a surprising background of reality. Wodehouse didn’t create his stories from scratch; he used real settings and exaggerated the characteristics of people he knew. This book follows the development and progress of his legendary characters, and tells us where Wodehouse got his ideas from. It is a must for all fans.”

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All our other recent news can be found here.

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Latest highlights

Plum in his library at his Long Island home, with many of his books behind him; and using his cherished Royal Electric typewriter

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Our new President

We are thrilled to announce that Alexander Armstrong has agreed to be President of the PG Wodehouse Society (UK). The following quotes from him, taken from our announcement of his acceptance (see full version here), clearly demonstrate why he was our first choice:

“My bedside table has always got at least one edition of Wodehouse on it, because there was never a day so good that it couldn’t be made even better by closing with a few pages of Wodehouse.”

“… what I adore him for … is the simple warmth of his company. In it a reader of any generation and any background – even culture – can sit happily swathed in a golden beam of benign English sunshine”.