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The P G Wodehouse Society (UK)

Give the gift of laughter with membership of The PG Wodehouse Society (UK)

Gift membership

Gift membership is very popular and is available all year round. This is how to arrange it:

1. Locate our application form, which gives details of how to pay. It can be printed and posted, or emailed (click here) to the Membership Secretary.

2. Note that renewal at £22 is due on 1 June each year. You can add £22 to any pro-rata payment (see the form for details) to extend the gift membership if you wish.

3. Write the recipient's name and postal address onto the application form.

4. Include their email address and a phone number if possible: don't worry, it's only for Committee use. There's no need to sign the form.

5. In the “Other Information” box on page 2 of the application form state that it is a gift membership, give us your name, and include a contact email address (or telephone number) for yourself.

6. Also in the “Other Information” box (or in an accompanying note/email) tell us whether you would like the welcome mailing sent to you (if so, tell us your postal address). Our default is to send it direct to the recipient but you may prefer to hand the package over in person.

7. A card will be enclosed with the welcome mailing stating who has purchased the gift membership.

8. Tell us when you would like the mailing to arrive. Our default is to send it out as soon as payment has been received.

9. Allow time for direct debits and electronic payments to be checked and processed before anything can be sent, and for arrival by second class post.

Thank you for purchasing gift membership, we know that it will be well received.